Current Issue

We released Volume 10 of IJCL in October 2021. Preparations for Volume 11 are underway.


Table of Contents

Anurag Bhaskar

Reservation As a Fundamental Right: Interpretation of Article 16(4)

Ridwanul Hoque

The Evolution of the Basic Structure Doctrine in Bangladesh: Reflections on Dr Kamal Hossain’s Unique Contribution

Shruti Bedi

Proportionality and Burden of Proof: Constitutional Review in India

Thulasi K Raj

Discrimination and the Court: Same-sex Relations in India, Botswana and Kenya

Anupriya Dhonchak, Rahul Bajaj

Government Copyright in School Textbooks and the Fundamental Right to Education

Dhruva Gandhi

Religious Discrimination under the Indian Constitution: Unpacking the Contents of Religion

Lalit Panda

Rationality by Any Other Name: Common principles for an Evolving Equality Code

Devansh Shrivastava, Anubhav Bishen

Coexistence or Segregation? Examining constitutional public policy and the Disturbed Areas Act 1991 in Gujarat

Shubhangi Maheshwari, Shrey Nautiyal

Interplay of the Right to Religious Freedom with Other Fundamental Rights in The Indian Constitution: A Constructivist Coherence Analysis

Nirmalya Chaudhuri

Right not to be Misled: Identifying a Constitutional Basis to Fix Accountability for Election Promises

Maladi Pranay

Responding to Executive Under and Overreach: Indian Supreme Court and Constitutional Adjudication in the Pandemic